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About Pereamar s.l. - Pereamar
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About Pereamar s.l.


PEREAMAR is a solid company specializing in the extraction, processing and marketing of marble, as well as other natural stone. Marketing is carried out both in Spain and beyond our borders, and indeed the export of natural stone has become one of PEREAMAR’s prime objectives.

From our wide range of materials that we offer at very competitive prices, the Amarillo Fosil and the Piedra Montealegre really stand out. They are two very versatile and elegant natural stones for which we can guarantee the lowest price in the market, since PEREAMAR is the company responsible for managing the quarries from which these materials are extracted.

We have more than fifty years experience in the field of natural stone, which testifies to our high degree of commitment both in the quality of our materials and the treatment of our customers.

Our staff has extensive experience in the working of marble, limestone, lumaquela and sandstone; in short, in working any natural stone used in the construction sector, and this is reflected in the quality of the different finishes offered by PEREAMAR for all materials and in any format.

If there is a term that defines us, it is COMMITMENT...


At Pereamar we put all our effort into our sales department for the benefit of our customers, putting at your disposal all the necessary information you need to know about both the technical and developmental characteristics of our natural stone.

Likewise, through the after-sales service, we offer the client information on the ideal use of the materials and advice for their correct placement. The main objective of Pereamar S.L.’s personnel is to be able to offer the client a top quality service and that they in turn are totally satisfied with their relationship with our company.


The business development policies implemented in PEREAMAR S. L. encourage us to constantly seek innovation and improvement, both in the quality of the extraction and production processes and in the natural quality of our stone and marble.

As a result of these policies, during the first semester of 2006 PEREAMAR obtained the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Certificate, which accredited us as a company being managed under high quality standards in production processes, establishing controls and rigorous protocols that allow us to maintain optimal levels of product quality and customer service. This effort of continuous improvement leads us constantly to be looking for solutions which allow an increase in the capacity and quality of production, as well as improve the management of our resources.


PEREAMAR’s commitment to respecting the environment is a guiding principle for all our activities and is put into action by our scrupulous respect for good environmental practices. As proof of this, we maintain a modern purification facility. By decanting and filtering the waters used in our production processes, we are constantly recycling their use in order to minimize water consumption and at the same time always allowing us to work with an excellent water quality.

Also in the quarrying operations we maintain this same commitment using only the amount of water essential for extracting the blocks, and then recovering and recycling the largest amount of water possible from what was used in these operations. In the production process we minimize the creation of inert solid waste by maximising its re-use in other activities, such as the manufacture of aggregates and gravels. The rest of the production waste is deposited in other duly authorized and controlled environments to be used as filling material for the recovery and restoration of very degraded surfaces. In the quarries, we always look for the best as well as the best use of the extracted stone thereby trying to minimize the production of inert remains. However, these remains can be stored, treated if necessary, and then used to restore the area affected by the stone extraction in the quarry.

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, committing ourselves to restore the natural environment affected by the extraction process, and stopping funds for further extraction once the stone sources are exhausted.

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