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Bateig Azul

Characteristics of Bateig Azul

A sandstone of dark blue tones, suited to giving distinction and elegance to any environment or facade.

Sold as Blocks, Slabs and Tiles

Special measurements and thicknesses possibles

Moldable stone, ideal for sculptures and stonework

Standardised measures (cm.):60x30; 60x40; 40x40; 40x30; 40x20

Various finishes: honed, bush hammered, sandblasting, with borders and shapes

Tiles prepared for all types of anchoring systems

Uses and applications of Bateig Azul

The Bateig Azul is a sandstone of gray-blue tones and has a very homogeneous surface. It’s an easy stone to work and sculpt, making it perfect for stonework and restoration of more delicate buildings.

In addition, its elegant shade allows it to be used in a myriad of formats and applications. However, being a sandstone, its use in the ground both indoors and out is not recommended as it can easily be scratched.


Facade Cladding

Among its most widespread uses, Bateig Azul stands out as facade cladding as it’s a very homogeneous natural stone with a very elegant bluefish gray hue. Additionally, we can offer it in several surface finishes.

Given its tonality, the Bateig Azul is also used for interior walls as a decorative element.


Interior Walls

The Bateig Azul is a sandstone, which implies that it can be easily worked. Thanks to this quality, the stone is used for the most refined stone works, besides being a perfect stone for the restoration of old buildings and handcrafted works.


Other uses of Bateig Azul

Given its homogeneous and elegant tonality, and adding to this the ease with which it can be worked, the Bateig Azul sandstone can be used in different formats, as far as your imagination can go:

Complete balustrades


Decorative pieces

We will study the viability of any projects you bring us so that we can give you the assurance that we will deliver them with a maximum guarantee.

Fachada exterior clima cálido

Vertical Exterior. Warm Weather.

Horizontal Exterior. Warm Weather.

Vertical Exterior. Cold Weather.

Horizontal Exterior. Cold Weather.

Vertical Interior.

Horizontal Interior.

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