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Caliza Alba

Characteristics of Caliza Alba

A limestone of soft tones, perfect for facade cladding

Sold as Blocks, Slabs and Tiles

Special measurements and thicknesses available

Moldable stone, ideal for sculpture and stonework

Standardised measurements (cm.):60x30; 60x40; 40x40; 40x30; 40x20

Various finishes: honed, bush hammered, sandblasted, with borders or shaped

Tiles prepared for all types of anchoring systems

Uses and applications of Caliza Alba

Caliza Alba is a stone with soft tones, practically white in colour, and which can have small fossil drawings on the surface that are normally barely visible.

It is a somewhat flimsy limestone so its use in the ground is not recommended. It is, however, a perfect stone to dress facades and endow them with a classic and timeless elegance and beauty.


Exterior Facade Cladding

This is without doubt its most widespread use, not to mention this material’s almost exclusive application. As with the other materials at Pereamar, we have the capacity to prepare each slab for its placement in any type of facade with fixtures /anchoring systems.

Caliza Alba is a sure bet for its simplicity as the clear and homogeneous tones don’t clash with anything, whatever the project.


Other uses and applications

Caliza Alba is a somewhat flimsy stone, practically white and with a high capillary capacity, so its use is somewhat limited. However, we have carried out several types of formats with this stone with excellent results, such as garden furniture and balustrades etc.

Let us know your project ideas and we will give you the advice you need so that we can carry them out with the maximum guarantee.

Fachada exterior clima cálido

Vertical Exterior. Warm Weather.

Horizontal Exterior. Warm Weather.

Vertical Exterior. Cold Weather.

Horizontal Exterior. Cold Weather.

Vertical Interior.

Horizontal Interior.

Request for information and budgets

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