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Crema Marfil

Characteristics of Crema Marfil

This is one of the most popular, if not the most popular marbles in Spain.

Sold as Slabs and Tiles

Special measurements and thicknesses possible

Natural shine with polished surface

Standardised measurements available (cm) :60x30; 60x40; 40x40; 40x30; 40x20

Various finishes: honed, bush hammered, polished, sandblasted

Tiles prepared for all types of anchoring systems

Uses and applications of Crema Marfil

Crema Marfil is the national marble par excellence. It has suitable characteristics for both the use in floorings as well as the cladding of facades. It has a very elegant cream-coloured tone that will fill any environment with elegance and distintion.

With more than fifty years of activity its quarries continue to provide regular blocks of great quality. It is undoubtedly one of the Spanish stones with the highest reputation, both in national and international markets.


Interior Flooring

The most widespread use of this marble is as indoor flooring. Its uniform tonality makes Crema Marfil an ideal marble to give distinction and elegance to any surface in a simple and discreet way.

It can fit into practically any type of decoration, although its use in modern and clean styles stands out. Minimalist, avant-garde and modern decoration.


Building Facade Cladding

Although not its most widespread use, Ivory Cream is also used as facade cladding. However, for use on facades, we do not recommend polishing the material, since its natural brightness can produce powerful reflections from the sun. This same brightness of the material will, however, fade over the years due to inclement weather.

For use on facades we recommend any other type of surface finish -Polished, Honed, Bush Hammered, Sandblasted …


Other Uses of Crema Marfil

Given its intrinsic beauty, Crema Marfil has been, and is still used for other less common uses such as:

The decoration of interior walls

The manufacture of urban furniture


Elegant balustrades

……and any other use you can think of. At Pereamar we are open to listening to your project ideas and to making them real through our experience and technology.

Fachada exterior clima cálido

Vertical Exterior. Warm Weather.

Horizontal Exterior. Warm Weather.

Vertical Exterior.Cold Weather.

Horizontal Exterior. Cold Weather.

Vertical Interior.

Horizontal Interior.

Request for information and budgets

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