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Natural Stones

Get to know our Natural Stones

Different types of Marble, Limestone and Sandstone, all of them with a great reputation thanks to their quality and intrinsic beauty.


We have multiple surface finishes available on all our stone. There are also special finishes with all kinds of edges, balustrades, stairs, moldings and swimming pool edging etc.


All natural stone has differing levels of quality, and so we adapt to the need of each project, always with the highest degree of commitment.


Our privileged location just a few kilometers from the most important quarries in the southeast of Spain, combined with modern production processes, allows us to offer you very competitive prices.

When beauty is dressed in stone…

    • Amarillo Fosil

    • Type: Fossiliferous Limestone.
    • Tone: Yellow creams and yellowy pink.
    • Qualities: First and Commercial with or without veins.

    • Piedra Montealegre

    • Type: Sandstone.
    • Tone: Creams, homogeneous surface.
    • Qualities: First and Commercial.

    • Crema Marfil

    • Type: Marble
    • Tone: Light and Dark cream tones.
    • Qualities: First, Standard, Commercial, Classic.

    • Caliza Alba

    • Type: Limestone
    • Tone: White tones and broken whites.
    • Qualities: First and Commercial.

    • Lumaquela Rosa

    • Type: Fossiliferous Limestone
    • Tone: Intense pink tones.
    • Qualities: First and Commercial

    • Bateig Azul

    • Type: Sandstone.
    • Tone: Blue-gray tones.
    • Qualities: First and Commercial.

    • Dark / Light Emperador

    • Type: Marble
    • Tone: Brown, Light and Dark.
    • Qualities: First and Commercial,dark o light.

    • Rojo Alicante

    • Type: Marble.
    • Tone: Red Stone.
    • Qualities: First and Commercial.

    • Spanish Gold

    • Type: Marble
    • Tone: Dark Yellow. Cream.
    • Qualities: First and Commercial.

    • Negro Marquina

    • Type: Marble.
    • Tone: Black.
    • Qualities: First and Commercial.