Pereamar Blog: Stones and Construction

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Our Services

Mining Works

Pereamar S.L., with more than fifty years experience in working natural stone, has had various mining explorations and stone quarries.


It currently owns two quarries, one for Amarillo Fosil and the other for Piedra Montealegre, both of which have large cutting faces that allow us to extract blocks of great size and quality.


As we control the production of both materials from their extraction to their subsequent transformation and sale, we can guarantee the best value for money for both materials.

Blocks Cut and Sawn to Custom Sizes

The Pereamar factory boasts a high production capacity, capable of handling the most demanding of projects.

We can offer our materials in standard measurements or in any custom measurements required.

In addition, thanks to our modern technology, production costs are relatively low, which directly affects the price of all our stones.

Multiple Surface Finishes and Craftsmanship

Thanks to our modern automatic polisher we have the ability to offer all our natural stone in a wide range of surface finishes, (rough, honed, polished, aged, sanded, sharpen, bush hammered).

In cases where the material is going to be placed with some kind of mechanical fixtures, we can prepare each piece ready for its fixture.

In addition to the different surface finishes, we are also trained to make individual pieces and craft figures and items such as outdoor furniture, swimming pools crowning, moldings, stairs, balustrades, reliefs, etc.



We have an export department responsible for the distribution of our materials and for ensuring their correct delivery either within the country or internationally.

We distribute our materials throughout the globe with the security and confidence that comes from working with a company that has been dedicated to the production and handling of natural stone for more than fifty years.

We never hand over a project as closed until our clients are fully satisfied.