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Spanish Gold

Characteristics of Spanish Gold

A yellow cream marble, ideal for giving a retro or vintage style to any space

Sold as Slabs and Tiles

Special measurements and thicknesses available

Natural shine with a polished finish

Standardised measures (cm) :60x30; 60x40; 40x40; 40x30; 40x20

Different surface finishes

Preparation of tiles for all types of anchoring systems

Uses and applications of Spanish Gold Marble

This characteristic marble with its very creamy yellow tones is very varied and ideal for the decoration of rustic, rural and traditional environments. However, given its strong tonality it can also be used in more modern and contemporary decorative environments when combined with other materials or stone.

A very versatile marble and with its characteristic yellow colour, it is ideal for a myriad of projects, from simple floor decoration to the creation of elegant chimneys.


Exterior Facade Cladding

Spanish Gold is ideal for the cladding of exterior facades. When given a rustic surface finish, such as the irregular chamfering of the edges, the scarified or the aged, you will get a classic facade with a distinguished rustic touch.

That being so, its use in interior walls is also very common as a decorative form.


Exterior and Interior Flooring

The material has a high level of hardness and resistance, so is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flooring. Given its characteristic creamy yellow tones, it is used both for terraces and gardens, and other external environments, such as promenades and pedestrian streets, even for floors of homes or flats and sometimes on large surfaces combined with other materials.

Other Uses of Spanish Gold Marble

Spanish Gold has a very particular yellow hue, which makes this marble a stone that can lend itself to endless possibilities.

  • Internal walls
  • Fireplaces
  • Furniture
  • Flower pots and planters
  • Garden fountains

Send us your proposals and projects and we will consider their viability without any commitment on your part.

Fachada exterior clima cálido

Vertical Exterior. Warm Weather.

Horizontal Exterior. Warm Weather.

Vertical Exterior. Cold Weather.

Horizontal Exterior. Cold Weather.

Vertical Interior.

Horizontal Interior.

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