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Amarillo Fosil

Characteristics of Amarillo Fosil

A natural stone, elegant and versatile. Ideal for multiple uses and finishes.

Sold as Blocks, Slabs and Tiles

Special measurements and thicknesses available

Does not heat up with prolonged sun exposure

Moldable stone, ideal for sculptures and stonework

Standardised measures (cm):60x30; 60x40; 40x40; 40x30; 40x20

Various surface finishes: honed, bush hammered, polished pore clogged, sandblasted

Two textures: with streaks and without streaks

Choice of tiles prepared for all types of anchoring systems

Uses and applications of Amarillo Fosil

Amarillo Fosil is a very versatile stone. It can be used in a myriad of contexts, formats and surface finishes.

Its physical-mechanical characteristics, together with its soft tones and the possibility of multiple finishes, make it an ideal stone for almost any project from facade cladding and flooring to handcrafted pieces, moldings, door and window surrounds, balustrades and columns, chimneys …

Among its most widespread uses, Amarillo Fosil is a perfect stone for crowning swimming pools and the ground around it since it is a non-slip stone. It also doesn’t heat up in the full sun nor does it accumulate water.


Cladding on Exterior Facades

One of the most widespread uses of Amarillo Fosil is that of cladding on exterior facades. We have multiple Standardised measurements and multiple surface finishes. In addition, where ventilated facades are required, we can prepare all the slabs for a special placement / fixing.


Interior Walls

Amarillo Fosil is also an ideal material for indoor environments, especially for interior walls. Its soft tones combined with the ability to create multiple surface finishes give you endless options for using this material in indoor environments, thus giving you a point of distinction and warmth.

Swimming Pool Surrounds

Its use for swimming pools, either as end decoration or on the surrounding ground is one of the most widespread of this material. It has perfect characteristics for this, since it doesn’t heat up even in the full summer sun. Even with bare feet you can step on it with ease, and its porosity means you won’t slip, nor will the stone accumulate water.



The Amarillo Fosil, as fossiliferous limestone or lumaquela, has mechanical-physical characteristics that make it and ideal material when dealing with handcrafted works such as chimneys, balustrades, columns, column terminations, handrails, window frames and everything else of this type you can imagine.

If you can envisage it, we can make it.

Outdoor Furniture

We have a wide rangge of outdoor furniture from elegant outdoor tables to beautifulgarden benches to shower trays for the pool.

In addition to our catalogue, we are open to manufacturing any type of furniture that our customers design. We have an experienced team capable of tackling any type of outdoor furniture design in natural stone.


Individual Pieces and Interior Decoration

Amarillo Fosil is a material with which all kinds of decorative pieces have been made, from simple planters to elaborate sculptures.

If you are looking for a warm, elegant and exclusive piece, you can either choose one of designs or send us one of your own. We have modern facilities capable of addressing virtually any project.

Fachada exterior clima cálido

Vertical Exterior. Warm Weather.

Horizontal Exterior. Warm Weather.

Vertical Exterior. Cold Weather.

Horizontal Exterior. Cold Weather.

Vertical Interior.

Horizontal Interior.

Request for information and budget

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